Updated third-party cookies

Worried about third-party cookies? Zuuvi does not set any cookies in our HTML5 banners.

As with any major shift involving privacy, data, and advertising, business experts and publications have been frantically buzzing about how this will change the way we do business online.

But, do we really need to panic?

In regards to the banners, you produce in Zuuvi the answer is no. 

Pre-checked setup fields in Studio

It's faster to check-off than to check-on, therefore we have added a new default "all checked" to set the rules when producing a template in Studio. 

Checkboxes in template rules in Studio are now checked by default.
If you don't want everything to be editable hit "Setup"  and set your rules.

Quick preview banner from campaign list 📸

Recognize this one: "Hm...how does these banners look like?" 
You're now able to quick-preview banners directly from your campaign list.
This feature is also available when you're looking at multiple banners in a campaign

This is how you use this new feature

Happy previewing 💪