Pre-checked setup fields in Studio

It's faster to check-off than to check-on, therefore we have added a new default "all checked" to set the rules when producing a template in Studio. 

Checkboxes in template rules in Studio are now checked by default.
If you don't want everything to be editable hit "Setup"  and set your rules.

Fixed can't delete campaigns with videobanner

It is now possible to delete a campaign that has a video banner.

Each template format have thumbnails👍

When you choose your template - we now present a thumbnail for each format. That means it's quicker and easier for you to preview the animations in each format.  

Happy building 💪

Quick preview banner from campaign list 📸

Recognize this one: " does these banners look like?" 
You're now able to quick-preview banners directly from your campaign list.
This feature is also available when you're looking at multiple banners in a campaign

This is how you use this new feature

Happy previewing 💪

Welcome to our new helpcenter

We have launched our new help center 👉 visit our help center here
It's important for us that we can serve you the best way - hopefully, this new intuitive help center will be at your service. Else don't hesitate to contact us through the chat (the light-green bubble down in the right corner) 

You can always access our help center at